In winter our skin rough and dry for skin whenever winter knocks the door. Everyone is very much aware with the nature and work of winter. It takes away all the moisture from our skin and makes the skin prone to all kind of potential damage. It is very much important for everyone to be familiar with some winter skin care tips to keep the skin hydrated and lively in winter.The common complaint of many individuals in winter is itchy and dry skin. The main reason behind the dry and itchy skin is the whipping cold winds. Off course, escaping the cold winds is possible with putting on layers of cloth like cozy inners, jacket, gloves etc. But alas! The most beautiful part of the body i.e., the face remains exposed and uncovered throughout the year. The facial skin faces the all the force and slaps of cold winds and damaging elements in the environment. The only way to protect facial skin from heavy damage in winter is to pamper the skin a bit.
Yes, the winter is cozy-lazy season and every small task seems too big and difficult, but to keep the skin gorgeous, lively and healthy needs some skin care practice at least once in a week. There are some signs and symptoms of discomfort of skin in winters. Some of them are cracked, inflamed, flaky and irritated skin in winters. All such signs are quiet normal and obvious in winters. But if the discomfort stretches to a great extent then consulting a skin specialist is a wise move. To fight every problem, everyone makes a particular strategy or plan. Similarly, for fighting the damaging nature of winter, some basic strategy or plan of action should be followed in winter. Some basic moves in the strategy that should be kept in mind are:
  • Hot water bath might give a relaxing and soothing experience in cold winters. But at the same time, long time exposure to hot water snatches away the moisture of skin. Hence, stickingto lukewarm water bath of ten minutes is safe as well as relaxing idea.
  • Extreme exposure to any kind temperature whether hot or cold can damage the skin. Hence, dress according to the weather; cover the skin with appropriate cloth like scarf, hat, and summer coat in summer to protect the skin from excess sun exposure. Similarly in winters put on gloves, jacket, overcoats and clothes that cover the maximum skin portion.
  • Drinking plenty of water is always a good practice. Skin needs moisture and requires hydration, which nobody other thing in world could do better than water. Individuals who drink appropriate amount of water throughout the day could easily maintain glow and radiance in their skin. The minimum intake of water suggested by studies and research is 8 glass of water in a day.
Adding up some healthy foods rich in Vitamin C, Omega-3 fatty acids, monounsaturated fats such as citrus fruits, green veggies, fish oil, flax, olive oil, avocados, sardines and many more is great idea. So, don’t miss out the add skin essentials ingredients to the cart while shopping in market.


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